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Our Mission

We strive to support and engage students, local communities and the wider world in an active and philosophical exploration of Sikhism and dispel misperceptions and invoke understanding by spreading awareness.


President - Harshpreet Kaur

Vice President - Manmeet Khurana

Secretary - Manish Damani

Treasurer - Sonia Sondhi

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Edmund Kellerman

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Turban Day

Monthly divans (assemblies)

Trips to local gurdwaras

(Gurdwara: place of worship)


Community service


Stay tuned for event updates throughout the semester. 

Latest News

Website updated - 10/5/14


New website launched! - 7/17/12 ​


Meetings & Events

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Who Are Sikhs?

  • Sikhs are adherents to the 5th largest religion in the world (Sikhism).
  • Sikhs believe in One God, the teachings of ten Gurus and the Holy Scripture called the "Guru Granth Sahib Ji."
  • Sikhs believe in equality, justice, truth, humility, and courage. 

More information can be found in the links below:

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